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August 1995, My Blue Being Story 

Long after dark has come I am lying quietly, working with Chi. I am doing my breathing, circulating energy, moving energy from the base root chakra through genitals, continuing upward through all chakras to the crown and into the Universal all. I have done some version of this exercise each night since I began this wilderness retreat. One of my goals is to improve my control of chi. This is called by some the "fire breath". It is very dark when I finish. The moon is new and darkness is complete. 

I finish and feel ready for sleep, ready to slide into the Motherwomb, the place of twilight language. I anticipate sleep coming over me soon. Before it does, I become aware of the presence of a consort, a Blue Man, lapis in color. He awaits behind me. I both see and do not see him. Every sensory system is alerted. I am conscious that I am still not asleep but the sensation is similar to a dream state. I know that I am lying on my back and he can't be behind me but I know that he is behind me - to intense to be viewed at this time. My every sensory system is fully alert, meta-alert. This is a first experience but I know him. I know him with every cell of my physical body and every particle of all my subtle bodies. My deepest essence recognizes ... remembers this long absent mate. 

As soon as I sense him and yield to the sensations we merge into union, deeply sexual and yet not, a fullness of spirit more complete than ordinary sexual union. The space between the cells of my body fill blue, and strong. Every space is filled. No emptiness remains. There is nothing that does not contain him. 

Together we soar into the vastness of the void, me facing forward ... in front, him behind me, still fully merged ... almost as it he is steering me. The vastness unfolds, dimensions following dimension - world upon world ... endlessly. There is no beginning, no ending mo up or down or sideways. Yet, we soar - moving, swirling, spinning into and through infinite realities while never leaving this forest space. Simultaneous truths, without conflict, without duality. 

Merged, we part ... merge and part again, and again. Parted, I see him standing before me with a curved, fan-like blade in his left hand. Our dance continues, twists, one foot folded into the knee bend of the other leg, twirling on toes. Arms are raised moving in gestures of symbolic meaning that I am unable to translate into mind-thought. 

I watch as the fan-like blade rotates rapidly toward blue Man - toward me. closer we come until the blade slices us into thin rounds of human form and Blue spirit. Our coming together continues until all slices fold together like shuffled cards - perfectly into alternating sections. blue/white, blue/white, blue/white - endlessly until union is full once again. We are One. 

The section separate out again into two beings, apart, yet not apart. Once again, me in front, he behind, returning me to my forest home. Union is broken yet unbreakable. I have been touched in some forever altering manner, a sacred marriage, unpartable. 

This was only one of my experiences, the first, with the Blue Being.

Play of Consciousness

Attempts at telling this experience fall so short that I am tempted to not relate it at all. This is my first sharing, the first time I have written about it other than in my journal record of the summer. Some time after that experience I found a short reference to something similar in one of Muktananda's books, Play of Consciousness. "... when one has the vision of the Blue Pearl, this love arises from within. It is this love that overwhelms the tongue and melts the mind." "... wonderfully radiant blue pearl ... came closer to me and began to grow." "The egg-shaped Blue Pearl stood before me in the form of a man. its brightness lessened. I saw within it a Blue Person ... not the product of human fluids ... the blue rays of pure Consciousness ... that grants the realization of God with Form." "He is the goal of the Siddha Path. Siddha students will understand how this matter, which should not be written, has been written. I am compelled to speak."

Now, in my so small voice, I too am speaking. I am not the only speaker, there are others more skilled with words. But there are those that will hear my voice. I am compelled to speak because it is time for this form of sacredness to be more available in the world. 

Hopi Blue Star

This same energy is expressed as the "Blue Star" in the Hopi teachings. Maasaw is currently a blue fireball that circles the entire earth four times each night, watching over us. With each circle he gets closer. He shows himself at significant occasions. He is carrying a gourd of ash. (This is different from the gourd of ash that was dumped in the form of atomic bombs.) When he dumps his magical ash, all fighting will cease. "Enemies will just go to sleep." 

Massaw will rule the fifth world cycle. When the last of the elders who have been holding the path are gone, Massaw, the Blue Star, will return and take back the Earth. Dan Evehema died on Jan 15, 1999 and Thomas Banacyca died on Feb 6, 1999.

According to prophecy, there will be a spiritual conflict with material matters. Spiritual Beings will tend this task and remain in/on the world to call beings to a spiritual return to the creator. It will come when the Sawquasohuh - the Blue Star - Kachina dances in the plaza and removes his mask. For all these centuries he has represented the Blue Star/Pearl which has been far off and invisible. It will soon make its appearance, first as a blue star then as a physical/spiritual being. (Some think that Hale-Bopp is the Blue Star) This song was sung in the Wuwuchim ceremony just before WWI (1914) and again just before WWII (1940). It was sung again in 1961.

The emergence into the fifth world has begin. This is a collective decision by all of humanity. there are some who hang onto the fourth world but we have made the leap into the fifth and can not and will not return. There may continue to be "smaller" wars for a time but there is to be no WWIII. 

Carol's interpretation: Many of these foretold spiritual beings, in the form of children, are now on the planet (250 - 300). They are in place to prepare for the entry of the central group which will be made up of, probably, three children - two boys and a girl. They are entering now. Around them are two more circles (at least) of spiritual beings who hold these children. One circle is also children; they are the supporters of the central group. Another circle consists of the many who have created and held a sacred space for all this to happen (400 - 800), these are supported by about 144,000 who have held us through their hope for a new and peaceful world. Of course these are like ripples on a pond. There are unending circles of circles who all interact and influence each other. We, many of us, are feeling the changes as they occur. The full magnitude will be apparent to everyone in 10 to 15 years when the spiritual beings begin to teach and provide new vision and perspective.  

Like any decisions made by consensus, the actual results and outcome are rather nebulous and full of unforeseen fluctuations. We are all part of the process of creation and none can see the exact end result. One anticipated result is these children will not permit themselves to be placed one above the other or above anyone. They will be a unifying element to bring us all to remember our individual responsibilities in recreating the One that we really are.  

My Blue Spiritual Being continues to visit and bring me comfort, strength, and vision.

 Siddha Blue Pearl

Just over a week ago, I stumbled on an understanding of my blue being experience. It is expressed in Muktananda's Secret of the Siddhas book. This was a small portion of the content of the book but had such a personal resonance that I want to share a bit with you. It is a chapter on the Inner Experience of siddha. 

"In the center of the saharara (crown) is the Blue Pearl, an exquisite, tiny blue light." "Although it is just a dot, this tiny light contains the entire universe. It is the form of the Supreme within us. The siddhas cal it the seed of the heart."

"When the Supreme Lord becomes pleased .... (his) glance descends on him ... the blue Pearl emerges from his eyes ... Blue Pearl expands and permeates the entire cosmos ... when it expands in this way, an extraordinary Blue Being manifests from its center ... form is the embodiment of all consciousness."

"The Blue Being is the radiance of the perfect knowledge of divine realization ... although the Blue Being has a form, He is formless ... (He) says, I have eyes in all My limbs, I can see every atom of the universe, all My limgs, My hands, legs, and head - as well as every pore of My body can speak."

"... once again contracts, similarly, the Blue Being, Consciousness, the Great Light once again becomes the Blue Pearl, tiny as a sesame seed, and reenters the body through the eyes. It lives eternally in the sahasrara."

That is the total of Muktananda's description of his experience with the Blue Being. It is something I might have skimmed over had I not had a similar experience. This brief commentary by Muktananda, his attempt to describe a mystical event, allowed me to know that at least one other human knew what I had experienced and understood. 

Navajo Blue Star

Once in a discussion about meditation with one of my Navajo students, he describe to me how his grandfather had told him to connect with sacredness. 

He began by asking me if I knew how - if you pressed on your closed eyelid you began to see tiny lights. I nodded my assurance. He responded that his grandfather had told him that was the way to begin. He said to continue pressing for a few moments until you can focus on one particular light then you could stop pressing. He said to follow that light into the heavens (Father Sky) until it became a Blue Star. He said to slip inside the Blue Star and be one with it. He said that from inside the Blue Star you could know everything. 

I asked my student if he had ever done this. He told me that he hadn't, it was too scary. 


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