About Carol - (more than you could ever want to know)


Several years ago I produced a small book called "Come Be Crazy With Me". For a cover image, I drew this picture of a hawk to have that "I dare you" look in it's eyes. I have always been a few steps outside the ordinary and expected ways of being in the world .... a bit crazy. It took awhile to realize just how much I enjoy this place of unique perspectives and ways of thinking and seeing. I invite you to come and be crazy with me. It is a great way to participate in this realm we call Planet Earth. 

I study and participate with many belief systems and spiritual paths. Tantra, Buddhism, Christianity, Native American teachings, psychology, philosophy, and world religions are among my pursuits and interest.

As I explore deeper studies of physics, quantum mechanics, dark matter and dark energy, multiple dimensions, nonlocality and alternate methods evolving consciousness, my hopes include the concept that spirit and science can merge.  


Dear fellow travelers,

As I observe the changes taking place all around me, I step more into the observer self. I do not work less diligently than when I was more public. I have been permitted to work quietly, in my own personal space.

There are those of you who tell me I have touched your life in some significant way, I give thanks to all that is sacred for being allowed to participate in life with you.

All things I share with you are my personal knowings, experiences, and truths. All have been validated through my own heart connection with my understanding of the divine force.

I continue to implore you to measure everything I say, everything you hear, everything you read, and all that appears before you through your own truth heart. Believe nothing presented to you through external sources until you know it through your deepest spiritual self.

Trust your personal connection with the divine to guide you on your earthly and spiritual path.

I invite you to communicate with me. If you agree or disagree, tell me. If you have any questions, ask. I will attempt to help you find your own answers to fit your life.

Love, Light, and Beauty

Carol WhiteWater Dawn



My interest are varied and multifaceted. I travel the country in my small motor home. I read, camp, do Native American beadwork, and watch TV when I have reception. I also have explored weaving, basketry, pottery ... and all the arts. Before I became a psychology/counseling major I was one class short of a degree in art. I love learning and pursue new knowledge with a passion. My interests and studies have become focused in the areas of physics, history, world religions and beliefs around the world. Meditation and pursuit of expanded awareness techniques and skills is my interest and my compulsion. 

Native American beliefs and philosophies have been a primary study for many years - since the early 80's. Recently Buddhist studies, especially Tantra is my major study. I love my Native American traditions no less than before but have found that Tantric techniques have opened even newer doors to ever more interesting realms. 


I received a BA degree in Psychology and a MA in counseling from the University of Texas, Permian Basin. I also have taken a number of classes in Native American Studies at Dine' College where I taught for 14 years. My coursework included Navajo philosophy, Navajo Holistic Healing, Basket Making, and Navajo Weaving.

Work History:

I was an Instructor of the Psychology and Chemical Dependency at Diné College from 1991 through 1994. I have lived in many places and still own a house in Texas but the beautiful land of the Navajo people remains my heart home.  My students taught me, my colleagues taught me, and the land continues to teach me. The photo at the left is an overhead shot of the campus. The design reflects the teaching of the medicine wheel, the cycles of life, the hogan, and the ceremonial basket. 

For thirteen years before I came to the reservation, I worked in mental health counseling and had a private practice in Odessa, Texas. This was a satisfying and comfortable time of my life. The last two years of my life in Texas I worked as creator and director of a program for perpetrators of domestic violence (batterer's). It was called Project ADAM and was established as a result of recognition by the Permian Basin Center For Battered Women and Their Children that the perpetrators ans well as the victims must receive treated. The program remains strong and productive. It has won national recognition as one of the best in the nation. One year before my private practice, and just after after receiving my BA in Psychology I worked as a juvenile probation officer. 

Carol and some of the children.

My mother is alive and well, living in Texas. My Father is deceased. I have two birth sisters and three sisters of choice, three in Texas and two in New Mexico. Cliff (my former husband) and I had four children during our 28 year marriage, two are boys and two are two girls. They range in age from 35 to 45 and live in California, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas. There are MANY grandchildren ages 9 to 26. My former husband still lives in Texas and is now my best friend. He and the "lady of his life" were my primary caretakers when I was unable to work and  had to take sick leave. Our relationship reflects the personal growth each and all of us have done over the years. I have been single since 1988 and have become very comfortable with that status. I can't imagine it being otherwise but I remain open to all options. 


Some of My Teachings and Teachers:

All the individuals I have already mentioned are my teachers. My three chosen sisters are among the greatest teachers. Thank you dear sisters; Lynne, Susan, and Pamela.

Elizabeth (Beth) Hin is a mystic and extraordinary teacher of mine ... and teacher of many others including my three sisters pictured above. 

                                                                                                                                                          Venerable Lama Karma Dorji is resident lama at Kagyu Shenpen Kunchab Darma Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He gave me refuge and my first empowerment. 


Matt Striekers, A white man and medicine man who worked in Lubbock Texas for a time was one of the individuals who introduced me to the basics of shamanism.

Gray Eagle and Gentle Earth Mother, South teaching lodge - Seneca

Lakota people - Arvile Looking Horse, the Chips Family, and others through writings and personal meetings.

Navajo people - After living here since 1991, there are simply too many to name all of them. Nevy Jenson had an especially profound influence on me. Spirit Eagle came into my life long before I came to the reservation. A young man named Phil, who spends much time in the canyon and knows this land well, has touched my life deeply as has a Navajo man who Walks in Beauty and also walks with my wolf Lady Gray Wolf. The Native American Church (peyoteism), Navajo colleagues at the college, my Navajo students and many others have had strong influences on my life and my beliefs.. 

Late evening view from my back door                        Waterfall at the end of Tsaile Lake

The Hopi people and land are connected with me in ways that I can only begin to perceive. Some deep influences have come from Thomas Benyakya, Grandfather David Monongya, Grandfather Dan Evehema, and the mesa tip called Walpi.



Harley Swiftdeer 


The Council of Elderhearts from this realm and the councils of other worlds and realms

My brothers and sisters of Planet Earth

Lady Gray Wolf, The teacher wolves, Redtail Hawk, Bear, and other animal teachers.


Personal Path and Philosophy: As I began my path, I wrote this declaration about who I am and where I am going. It continues to hold true for me. I can't always live up to my own highest expectations, but I keep them before me as my guiding light. When I am tempted to forget, it helps me remember who I am, what I am doing here and where I am going. It is an exercise in self awareness and purpose of life.  I encourage everyone, especially those exploring a thoughtful path to do something that expresses their own highest expectations.. 

I choose to change my nature and my being;
This one-pointed, linear thrust is no longer sufficient.
I embrace everything. I contain everything in full consciousness.

It is not to acquire extraordinary power, it is actual transformation I seek.
I undertake movement impeccably and fearlessly, with unbending intent,
In focused surrender, and with no attachment to outcome.

Everyone experiences pain, suffering is choice. 
I choose freedom from suffering.

True knowledge is attained beyond thought. It is what I am.
It is what I become. It is Conscious Being.

I contain and know the divine. 
All teaching is revealing. 
All becoming is an unfolding.

It is not enough to experience a tiny point of cosmic consciousness
Then return to ordinary reality. I must carry the cosmic within me. 
I must walk fully in consciousness in the midst of the ordinary.
I must bring all I know and experience to this temporal realm.
For the highest good of all concerned.

 For many years of my life have, I worked diligently, but unsuccessfully, to be "normal". In my surface life, I had a few people fooled. But, inside my deepest inner knowing, I knew that I would never "belong" or "fit" that "normal" world. Finally, I gave up and began to learn to, Remember Who I Am - And Why I Am Here On this Planet. Then, I began to fully accept that, "Who and Why". I began to learn to accept me as I am in my core soul.

Remember the Question, "How can you tell a mystic from a schizophrenic? The mystic knows who not to tell." I am learning to tell all and tell it to anyone who will listen - perhaps that makes me a schizophrenic. Or perhaps I am opening a new path for others who also, "don't fit the norm".

For several years I have jokingly said, "of course I'm crazy - and don't fix me - I like it." One of my small books is titled, "Come Be Crazy With Me." If this is crazy, it is the best of the best. "Please God don't ever make me normal."

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