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I am adding a series of letters to this page. These letters are open letters - for anyone. If you have something you would like to share with readers, send it to me for consideration.



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Dear Ke'e' (relatives),

Several changes are occurring. These changes are occurring within us as individuals and are occurring within the entire global community.

People frequently ask me what I think about the end times/coming changes. Some quote from the bible others from Native American prophecy. Few realize that every culture has some story about the end of things. I must agree to some extent. These are end times but not the world wide destruction of life and nature that we have feared. It is merely the end of things as we know them. It is through this end that we can co-create a new way of being.

The model that is most familiar (and comfortable) to me is the Hopi prophecy. Thomas Banyacyai  of Kykotsmovi and Dan Evehema of Hotevilla both have brought these teachings into the open. The Hopi, Grandfather David Monongye and others have worked diligently to bring teachings and dangers /warnings for the world to the United Nations. They went four times to the United Nations headquarters in New York City. I am not going to attempt to explain the teachings here. You can find them in many Hopi books. The most recent is The Hopi Survival Kit by Thomas Mails. Thomas Mails wrote of the teachings of the Teton Souix as presented to him by Fools Crow. Another book worth reading is Hotevilla, Hopi Shrine of the Covenant, Microcosm of the World. Grandfather David passed into other realms about ten years ago and Thomas and Dan both passed through the veils in early March this year (1999). They continue to work with those of us in this realm from their celestial homes. I know of only two elders ("Elderly Elders") that continue to hold the teachings on the earth plane.


Fifth World is ....

Dear K'e' (relations all)

It is my opinion that, as wise as these people (and many others) are, we have all missed the mark in the predictions. This is partly because we have not been able to conceptualize the teachings in relationship to this modern world. It is also due to the fact that the new co-created world is beyond our current human level of comprehension.

Many tribes use a variety of terms to speak of this new time. Hopi use the terms "the fifth world" (there have been four previously) and the time of the "rainbow bridge". Both terms apply and can be thought of interchangeably.

It is not that these changes are coming. They are here. Hopi traced the beginning of the fifth world from the bombings of WWII - the dumping of the gourd of ash on the world. We are in the midst of the changes now. Everyone could feel and know this if they only remain quiet for a few moments and listen. We fully entered this fifth world at the end of 1998.

Entering a new world and creating the parameters of that new world is daunting. We have no models for anything. No "way" to be, no guidelines for how to be in relationship, no fully comprehensive understanding of anything is available. We struggle.

Those of us who see and recognize the alterations in our world reality are bound through our cosmic commitments to hold the strings together until we establish some new world parameters.

Creating the Fifth World 

Dear K'e' (friends, relatives, loved ones),
updated October 27, 2001

Three things are happening as we co-create this fifth world.

#1. The veils are dissolving.

#2. The magnetism ( the dualistic - active or receptive) we rely on is also dissolving. Nothing remains but the fullness of the "void". We are beginning to recognize our oneness.

#3. The projected aspect is dissolving. The projection is the world we have lived in since the time of Christ, Buddha, Mohammed, and other great teachers of that time.

The high mystic who stands outside the dualism, closer to the unified field is not as distressed as they have been in the past. The high mystic who directly experiences the confusion and rebellion of the globe has been, until recently, literally "pained to the death". Many of them have left us to work with us from higher planes or to return as children to be new teachers of this new time. Some of us have remained behind to facilitate the bridging of the old to the new ... to the Fifth World, also known as The Rainbow Bridge

The problem is, if what we have always known and done is dissolving, what do we replace it with? How do we "BE" in the world? We learn to live awake - to live in a more loving and compassionate way with all beings. 

The changes are transparent to the transcendent. We see when we step beyond the limits.

We ask ourselves, "Who am I to be in this new way?"

We are now in the beginning stages of remembering, and creating who we are to BE ... as individuals, as a collective and as the ultimate ONE we know by so many names.


Shi Ke'e' (my kin)

One of the most observable and experience-able places we are feeling this dissolution is in our relationships. Models of how to be in relationship in this new way do not exist. We are learning as we do.

In pre-change times relationships were relatively easy to recognize. We felt a pull, an interest, a "desire" to know and be with someone. Or ... perhaps we would feel a rejection or drawing away from someone - a repulsion. We might have said, "I'm good at first impressions", or "I just have a knack for reading someone." We can no longer use these feeling as measures.

Magnetism is the duality. It is the expression of positive and negative, the push and pull, the masculine and feminine. The magnetism is failing, is no longer reliable. What do we rely on now to define feelings and relationships? I like / I don't like, I want / I don't want, good / bad, beautiful / ugly ... these thoughts and feelings have been our guiding lights.

The last remnants of magnetism are powerful and we are reluctant to loose that long trusted energy. The resulting temper tantrum is part of the chaos of the world that we are experiencing at this time. So very many people are trying to hold to the 4th world that we have lived in so long. It is much as a battered woman will remain in a destructive relationship because it is familiar - it is known. The unknown is more frightening than abuse.

Our primary relationships - our deepest loves - are beginning to not want us or not want us in the way we want to be wanted. The magnetic push and pull isn't there to tell us which way to go, to define "love" for us. And, we don't know any other way to love. We desperately cling to what has worked in the past.

We must recognize that without duality - with oneness - our options actually expand rather then diminish. We can love many in many ways. As one, there is no need for ownership in a relationship. No, this does not mean to develop spousal relationships (free love) with everyone. We can still make decisions on commitment and monogamy. It is a choice we have about "how to and who with" to share. It frees us of the need to "own" one another. It allows us to be free and to make free and wiser  choices.

Some thoughts and notes on the way we view God


I continue to process and learn about how all this might look after we begin to recreate this consensus reality.

I remember as a child thinking about heaven. My primary thoughts focused on sitting on a cloud playing a harp and walking the streets of gold. I knew that heaven would get boring very quickly. I lost interest in going there if that was all there was.

Another childhood memory dances in my thoughts. I questioned a Sunday School teacher about everything, pestered would probably be a better term. She told me in a frustrated tone of voice that when I get to heaven God would answer all my questions. I was ready to get on the bus to heaven and begin to ask questions. My concept of eternity was the amount of time I would need to ask all my questions. I knew even then that each answer would leave me with more questions. God, at that time, was imaged as the wise old grandfather with all answers.

As I matured, I began to realize that everyone, particularly every religion, had different perceptions of God, heaven, what it would take to get to heaven, what would happen on arrival, hell, what sin was, and what the wages of sin was to be. Our concepts of God varied considerably. I remember sitting in a booth in Furr's Cafeteria and hearing a lady in an adjoining booths say, "I'll tell you what's wrong with the world, there's just not enough fear of God." I was shocked and bewildered. I had heard preachers refer to the fear of God, but I had never thought of God as fearsome. I certainly had never given thought to developing my "fear of God" in order to make the world a better place.

Our various concepts of god are no longer the same projections. Few of us see the Ultimate Absolute Source as we had defined God in our childhood. But we mostly retained the concept of what our core religion told us was God. We quickly learned that our version of god was more correct that other religions and that it was our duty to educate the rest of the world in the correct way.

On a surface level our perceived differences are real and right - but this is only at the surface layer. On deeper levels, we find that our highest concepts of the divine, Mother/Father God by whatever name, are the same. We begin to recognize the commonalties that exist beyond our limited projections.

For a time we began to wonder, "What if my God and your God are not the same ... we can't both be right. "I know that I am right, therefore you must be wrong." This is the core of our "make wrong" thinking." This is also what we must "get over" in order to recognize that we are all one. There is literally, only one of us.

How can we both be right? Simultaneity.

A "make wrong" belief system does not work where we expect to come to totality through our projections of what "God" is ... what "right" is ... and what "wrong" is. We have to get over "my way is right" and "if I am right you must be wrong" and "you have to believe like me to 'get there (wherever there is)'." We learn that we each can have our personal projection and that it is only that, a projection. We learn that one projection does not negate the projection of anyone else.

This is the beginning mantel of this new time. The mantel we all must carry. Especially those of us who are beginning to wake up. Waking up, being aware, self-realization, God realization, and enlightenment carry great responsibilities. When we are awake, every thought, every word, and every action influences the whole. The flutter of the butterfly's wing in the rain forest influences the weather in Siberia. A negative or judgmental thought or statement lowers the vibration of the whole. Rather that a battle of good and evil, we find ourselves maintaining balance and harmony.

See the Beloved, Be the Beloved, do the service, make a contribution ... see the face of God everywhere, in everyone, and in everything, Live Life as if God Couldn't Come and Sent ME.

There is only ONE of us.

The Space Between: 
Beginning with thoughts and notes on biological changes


Our cells and nervous system recognize these shifts .... Some of the shifts are quite hard on our physical bodies. It is difficult to keep up with the changes. Sometimes our bodies just shut down and say that it can't be done. AND probably it can't be done in everyone on the planet. But it is happening and will continue

Discovery of the message systems of the body, the neuron, synapse, space between the neurons, the neurotransmitters necessary to facilitate the "jump" from neuron to neuron ... all we know about this system, is very new to our scientific and medical communities. Now, just as we are learning about this space between, the synaptic gap, it is being filled. This is the space that spirit is taking as it moves into form, into our physical bodies, so that we can merge spirit and form.

The disruption cause by this "filling" is being manifest through more illnesses - particular immune system disorders. Our bodies are adapter to slow change, slowly replacing old or damaged cells and rebels against the requirement of such rapid shifts and adjustments. With more awake and aware individuals, more adaptation for new ways of being in the world are required of all of us. Radiation, uranium, other chemical changes, atmospheric changes ... are not necessarily bad, they just require adjustments within our bodies and our spirits. Many of us are aware that we may not continue to utilize form in the same was as we have done in the past. We may take on some sort of "new self". We might become less dense. Or we might return to something closer to energy, or vibration, or light ... which already exists with each/all of us. We may leave physical-ness behind and be totally something else. Our infant minds can't yet comprehend the possibilities.


Leaders in the new reality 

Mystics and leaders who work in higher dimensions can see with a clarity that most of us have not yet developed.

Santa Fe and the Four-corners area are holding one of the primary areas of balance and of union, of creating the mantel - the model of the fifth world. The Four-corners area includes many Native American tribes, Navajo, Hopi, Taos, Pueblo tribes, Hispanic, and Anglo people, The Tibetian teachings, Sufi traditions, "New Age" neoteric (or modern) developing teachings, and many others are being held in the area. They carry the balance point of duality and non-duality. It is one of the places, a center point, of shifting into fifth world/rainbow bridge time.

Los Alamos, Sandia Labs, nuclear waste disposal/leaks and accidents, secret testing, and other classified activities represents the other side of the balance. The area holds war/peace, us/them, mine/yours, modern/traditional, male/female, good/bad, and other dualities. This point/counterpoint is the struggle of the area and represents the struggle of the globe.

The "minor wars" occurring around the planet at this time (spring '99) reflect the conflict the world is going through. We attempt to create and hold control simultaneously we attempt to know and promote peace.

The Joshua Tree area in Southern California, Ojai near San Francisco, Eselen, Boulder CO, pockets of balance in most major cities, are all holding the balance, the mantel of a new way of being. They are small models of "being" and creation of how to "be".

Some possibilities for the new world ...

Just like when I was a child and thought of sitting on a cloud and playing a harp all day ... and seeing all that as "boring", I now find myself thinking, "If we 'fix' everything, what purpose will be served by continue to inhabit this planet?" "What meaning or purpose can 'life' in this 'new and improve' manner serve?" Why would we bother to be beings at all?

A couple of thoughts:

First of all, we might not bother staying around as "beings". Wouldn't that be interesting.

We might re-merge with God and no longer have any "separateness."

We might "move next door" - go to a new realm to work in a different manner. From what I have experienced, there are at least eight realms that that are 'somewhat' like this earth realm. When I say like, that isn't exactly what I mean. It just means that some are "enough" like here to be put in the same category. They are not like the "really different places" I work with.

We might move to some of those "really different places."

Secondly, if we manage to manifest this new way of being on Earth, why would we think there would be no more "issues" or lessons to learn? It is my experience that there is always another "there" to move toward. The "there" would be different than we can currently conceive.

Thirdly, I have had a few peaks at what might be possible in a "perfect world". It is really exciting. It might be more than "a nice place to visit". I might actually want to live there.


"my ego stuff"

Dear Ke'e' , my dear relatives,

After another "smallish" bout of lupus, I looked - once again - at the source of this illness. I realized that I am feeling responsible for allowing it to happen to me. This is ego talking, my "I should's" are controlling my thoughts. My thoughts are, "I am tired of doing 'the work'", " I don't have enough support", "maybe this illness is what is holding me to this plane", "maybe the illness is giving me an 'out' so I can leave this plane", "I should be 'beyond' having an illness", I should be walking on a higher plane," it is all ego. None of it is important.

I am reminded that "my life has nothing to do with me" ....

Maybe I am one of those individuals who are still wanting duality separation in the world rather than union. Maybe my thoughts of working in internal levels for peace in the world have been my ego fantasy. Perhaps the feeling that the events and actions of the world "hit me hard", and my body suffers the separation, are all part of my fantasy world.

I work at staying out of ego, but there are still many situations that push/pull me fully back into the ego-centric state. Once again I feel that I am all-important in this realm, and my self-centered, all-important self, is stirred to life. Me, the illness, the work I do, this tiny life of mine it is all just part of the whole. I am a small insignificant part of the union. My job is to quietly do my small part and not take on the success or the failure. My only work is to continue to hold my part in impeccability.


On the beauty of the world

Dear Ke'e',

As I sit here and see the mounds of snow outside my glass doors, I am overwhelmed with the beauty I see everywhere. A friend said, "I guess I just need a burning bush to really get the messages from the divine. Burning Bushes are everywhere. Look and listen. We each have a direct line.

Re-reading this paragraph reminds me of the beauty of life.

One, the 5th world we are in the midst of creating, no longer holding to ethnocentrism, egocentricism, geocentricism, socio-centricism .....

Two, red people walk the white road and white people walk the red road; black, yellow and all variations, walk the same road (whether we think we want to or not) - the road of peace and beauty.

Three, we remember that the planet earth and all its forms (including rocks) are sentient living entities.

Four, knowing that we are all One, we can no longer hate or judge.

The Rainbow Bridge

Dear Ke'e,

This is a changing world. It is what we have been moving toward for eons. It is here and we are so very afraid of it. This time of transformation, of evolution of humanity, has been part of the prophecy of all cultures and belief systems. Hopi and other tribal cultures have viewed it as transcending world after world toward something greater. Four past worlds are part of cultural history. This time is the time of the "fifth" world, or the "glistening" world of the Navajo. The truly wise elders have observed this change.

Several years age, one of my students talked with her grandmother about this coming change. She asked her grandmother how she knew the changes were coming. Her grandmother said to look at the heavens. It was written everywhere. She then asked her grandmother what we should be doing until then. Grandmother said, "We herd sheep." for those of you who do not know the culture, it means we continue to live life in the most impeccable way possible.

Bringing all the separate colors together in a unified banner of beauty to surround the world with light.

Living Awakened ... Responsibly, 24 hours a day

Dear Ke'e', I offer some guidelines on living well and responsibly ....

Genuineness (Truth) is the ability to be freely oneself, without phoniness, without role-playing, without defensiveness. It is when external words and behaviors match inner being. It is being authentic in every way. It is the ability to communicate with sincerity about relevant concerns. It is being self-actualizing. It is recognizing the aspect of mutual teaching/learning in each and every relationship. Being genuine is walking our personal truth. It is seeing self, not as having arrived at some level of attainment, but as continually being in movement. It is the activity of being fully present in the moment. There is no defensiveness because a self actualizing person living in genuineness does not have to protect 'self'. This occurs because of self acceptance ... both strengths and weakness, successes and failures. A self actualizing, genuine person does not judge or moralize ... themselves or others. They exhibit a spontaneous warmth and intimacy. They can flow toward possibilities without being incapacitated with anxiety. They may feel stress and tension, but are not immobilized by them. There is no fear. "They risk new behavior in order to grow or discover new truths about self and consciousness." "They do not rely on dogma and preconceived notions (Jacquie Small)".

Impeccability is dictionary defined as without flaw or fault. The concept in use here is more closely understood as the proper use of energy. It is the ability to temper or tone your spirit while you are being trampled upon, the ability to grow and improve while the tyrants of life are in full attack (Castaneda). Our tyrants are our 'button pushers'. It is through them that we learn to have a calm conscious interior as well as exterior.

Impeccability encompasses Interpersonal Ethics. Impeccability and interpersonal ethics express the ability to speak from the heart, the spirit, rather than through the ego. It is the ability to be there for others, to uplift those who cross your path, while avoiding the pitfalls of dependence and codependency. It may be an action as simple as making and returning eye contact with full and appropriate involvement.

Impeccability can be described as allowing the winds of life to blow through you, or around you, but not allowing the winds to push, shove or control you any more. You continue to see it, to hear it, to feel it, to listen to its voice, but maintain your stance of balance. It is the ability to regain balance if and when buffeted by life.

It is having an intentional, interactional goal of higher order, an alignment with a higher path. It is having a way of knowing ... a way of connecting with that higher order. It is knowing that the higher path is more significant (more important) than being right, more important than being in control. It is more important than being treated respectfully, more important than injustice ... more important than ... anything, because it is the highest possible good for all concerned.

Our goal, our path, becomes behavioral impeccability and thought impeccability. It is proper use of personal power for the highest good through both word and action.

Fearlessness must be the manner of walking the path, but this does not mean fearlessness without appropriate caution. We learn to walk without fear. Many times that means face the fear, face it down, and do it anyway. Fear serves only to warn. After the warning is received then it begins to block action and consciousness. Fear blocks Light. Fear acts as a filter blocking our contact with consciousness. We cannot determine if our intuition is giving us information or if our fear is in control. We must release fear if we are to be conscious.

Unbending intent is being involved yet detached. It is our aim, our purpose, our state of mind operative at the time of and directed toward action, meaning and significance. It is being able to immerse in the action at hand so completely that no one can detect the detachment. Unbending intent is alignment of attitude and behavior. It is being in resonance rather than dissonance. It is performing actions fully in line with ideals. Unbending intent is like a laser beam, invisible until it touches something. Then you can see it. When used with power it can record, it can alter things, it can slice through and it can destroy or create.

Awareness is a corollary of having attained a calm, centered indifference ... it is the eye that gazes inwardly and simultaneously into the beyond. Seers who have gazed at the boundless have attested that the boundless stares back with an emptiness ... and fullness ... a completeness. Awareness allows us to step to the side and perceive another's experience through their perception. It lets that individual know the perception is complete. "I cannot experience your experience but I can perceive the essence." This expression is one of empathy 'as if'. Awareness allows feeling and seeing more. It is full attention, not just attention to one or two things at a time but to everything equally ... right, left, in front, behind, above and below ... inside and beyond ... and outside sensory input. With expanding awareness we begin to become aware of coincidences. Then, we recognize that the coincidences were meant to happen. We recognize and follow the synchronistic coincidences. Our path of expanded awareness ... our spiritual path is in full process.

Controlled Folly is a a term Carlos Castaneda coined which describes the ability to move through daily life, even the distasteful aspects, appropriately and impeccably. It is a way of living fully in the moment, absorbed and without self-importance. It is doing one thing and doing it impeccably. It is doing without doing.

It is knowing that you are actually doing something else, something Supremely important in its mundanity. The only importance our actions can have is the meaning we place on them. Controlled folly is doing for the sake of doing without regard for reward or recognition. Self importance and the meaning we believe others place on our actions, places limits on us. The concept of important activities and unimportant activities is only in our definition of those actions. We give away our power by allowing others to manipulate us through our own thoughts.

Surrendering self importance does not preclude self care and self respect ... both of which we rely on for emotional well being and for proper action in the world. Authentic self care and self respect are necessary attributes of an awakened individual.

Self Actualization is looking at the world in a holistic manner that allows one to reach for their highest path and highest potential without any attachment to success or reward. When deficiency needs are met, people tend to operate out of Being needs (Maslow). Being needs are gratified with love and enhancing one's potential and, are no longer concerned with ego gratification. Self actualizing individuals no longer look at the world as right and wrong but how the "wrongs" can be very right. This includes the ability to 'self-care'. "Draw first from the well to nourish and give to yourself, then there will be enough to nourish others." Self actualizing individuals carry the transparency of an enlightened being ... lighted from within and allowing that light to shine through.

Self Actualization is not merely a trait or characteristic ... it is a description of the whole person in process ... (Jacquie Small). It is the process of being fully in the moment, without self-consciousness. We do for the sake of doing not for the perception of others. The self actualizing person is able to sort personal feelings and values from an unexamined belief system. This individual listens more to personal internal voices of truth and less to noises of culture, society and the world. Arduous preparation becomes common as values change or direction alters. This preparation leads to greater self actualization.

A Self Actualizing person begins to experience "peak experiences" which are recognized moments of ecstasy, or mystical experience. Peak experiences are those moments that bring tears to the eyes from the bliss of the moment, those moments in which the ordinary can become instantly sacred ... love, music, art, poetry, a sunrise, birth, compassion ... other joy-full moments. Then these moments begin to be a part of ordinary experience. The peaks become the norm for the self actualizing person.

Focused Surrender has to do with no expectation of outcome. It is a process of creation through doing the preliminary work, then moving out of the way and allowing the thing to be or not to be according to the higher good. It is a way to create change without force. It requires intent and a decision to change or influence. The process is 1) Thought, 2) Examination of the thought, 3) Engaging awareness (over time), 4) Breathing life into the thought ... then 5) Releasing the intent ... to be or not, without attachment. We view outcome with a sense of complete detachment, not getting involved with succeeding or failing. Allow. Attachment blocks action. We may wish to extricate ourself from the mundane and to focus only on our path. This includes capitulation and recapitulation ... surrender (under specific conditions) ... giving up resistance ... acquiesce. All that we hold on to, give our energy to, traps our energy and it then becomes unavailable to us. Surrender releases this trapped energy. But dropping responsibility in the world is not living impeccably, or living consciously. We may know (or think) that the activities at hand may be of no universal significance. However, in this present moment nothing else exists. We can be in the joy of not knowing what will happen next.

Non-Attachment to Outcome is indifference with compassion. Everything is undertaken unemotionally, in a detached manner without any desire to succeed or any apprehension of failing. All attention is focused on process. It is being fully in the moment with no past and no future. "Be concerned with the deed alone, never with its fruit. Never let the fruit of the deeds be thy motive, as thou shalt never attach yourself to action" (Bhagavad Gita). Also, "as the ignorant one acts through attachment to action, the wise one acts without attachment, for the welfare of the world."

Real-ization is the process of making real, of bringing into reality. It is reality of thought or reality of physical manifestation. It becomes within our power to make 'real'. This task begins with real-izing in our thoughts. This is opening our thinking processes to perceive beyond our limited boundaries. Then after thought real-ization, we can real-ize in three dimension, we can create. Before we develop this ability we must have the other

Self Actualization is not merely a trait or characteristic ... it is a description of the whole attributes well developed so that we do not misuse this capability. After real-ization in third dimension we have the ability to real-ize in other dimensions.

 Genuineness, discovering who we are and being that individual every moment of our life. It means not changing masks when we enter new environments.

Impeccability is basically "doing the right thing" all the time, in every situation, and doing it naturally without having to think, analyze, debate, or discuss anything.

Fearlessness is walking through life without fear. It is moving through fearful situations free of the bonds of fear. It is trusting in the highest good which comes from impeccable action. It is knowing that no outcome can harm, even death is approached fearlessly.

Unbending Intent is the ever-present, forwarding moving intention of bring forth the highest possible good for all concerned. It is the focus of creation.

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