"The White Rose", Beth Hin. Beth is one of my mentors, a friend, a teacher, a colleague, and one of the world teachers. Tapes I recommend include: #1 "The Age of Peace", #2 "The Medicine body", #3 "Breaking the Consciousness of the nuclear Era".

"The Gathering of Circles", Cliff Buchanan, Pamela Scheler, Brett Messer, and numerous others. This site gives information about an annual gathering of 100 to 150 people with some common interests and common needs for personal growth and understanding of the world and the changes this planet is going through

The Best of the Best - This is the best and most comprehensive site I have seen. "Free Healing and Counseling". I have found no request for money. The best of the best is listed here. There are free programs to download. There is more direct instruction on what and how to "do" many spiritual practices. Please check it out. This is a part of the above page that I have found especially valuable.

 "Entity Earth", Patricia Browning Campbell - a kindred spirit I have been communicating with. This is special individual. You will enjoy getting to know her. This is and interesting site - check it out. 

* Strongly recommend - "Spirit WWW", I gave this site a more comprehensive overview. It has a "picture" of just about everything. It seems to be the quick view of anything you might hear about and want to know. After the quick view there is an outstanding selections of articles and links. This is one reference source to bookmark and use often. I was impressed with the quality and authenticity.

"The Theosophical Society"

"The Transcendental Meditation Program", Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

"Rosicrucian Order"

"Sacred and Religions Texts"

Clearlight Books"

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