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from  Carol WhiteWater Dawn

This web site is devoted to information on waking up, living awake, and working toward enlightenment for all beings. 

As a world we are in the midst of a transition and transformation. It is a time of the evolution of consciousness. 

Throughout time there have been dramatic and intense periods of change. This time we are experiencing and creating is the most profound such period that has occurred during our recorded history.

I have only one message. Remember Who You Are When we remember who we are and why we came to be here, then we can begin to fulfill that purpose. We can begin to co-create the world  that is often referred to as the Fifth World or the World of the Rainbow Bridge. 

I am guessing that all of you are experiencing as many shifts, transmissions, as many new and uncomfortable life challenges as I am. If you are not, enjoy the respite. It may be brief. As I am making changes, updates, and posting this web site, I must let you know that my discomforts got much worse before they got better. I had a many month flare of Lupus. Believing that I had completed the things that I had come here to work on, I thought I would be moving through those veils that I had been rending. I thought that I would be moving  into the celestial realm to continue working. I was wrong once again. I have received new assignments and have come to an acceptance. I am once again fully involved in co-creating this new and even more beautiful and peaceful world.

One of the major changes I am seeing is how the young children have a new perspective and wisdom. All around me the little ones are displaying their awake-ness. There is a glow around them that illuminates the world. I hear a new term for these children "the indigo children". While this term has a somewhat different meaning, I find it fitting the concepts of the children who are entering to represent the "Blue Star Child" and the "Blue Pearl Child" of prophecies. I best understand this through the teaching of the "Blue Being" that I interact with in alternate realms of reality. 

I also see more and more of us tired mature adults deciding to move on or - if we decide to stay around - to wake up more fully. This is a difficult task. We are comfortable in the way the world has been for us. Even if it was not so good, it was familiar and we tend to want to hold to the old fourth world "stuff" that has been in existence for so very long.

The awake children, the new changes, the new ways of being ( compassion, unconditional love, knowing others as extensions of ourselves, recognizing our cosmic Oneness - difficult ways for many of us ) require us to be so much more than we have been in the past. We are required to live in impeccability each and every moment of our lives.

Moving back in history to what we commonly know as very early time, we can see that beginning of life as one change. The appearance and demise of the large life forms we know as dinosaurs, another. The entry of human beings into the world scene was the first stage of consciousness as we understand it. The appearance of extraordinary beings such as Buddha, Christ, and other masters set in place the potential for transformation of humanity. This was the time we left our knowledge and our history in the rocks. This was a transcendent time. We were learning about ourselves and leaving a record of how we saw life and our world.

This is another of those transcendent times. We are entering a new level of consciousness. Many children are bring the energies of all the wisdom masters of past times into presence at this time. All the old ways are being dismantled. We are re-examining the concepts of win and loose, higher and lower. We are redefining concepts such as "better than" and "power over". We are looking for alternatives to the "one against another" as a way of life. We are remembering our union. We are a global community and a single energy made of the same "matter" that everything, as we know it, is made of.

Each of us has in our cellular structure over one million molecules, which belonged to someone else just three months ago. We have us a quadrillion molecules that once belong to Christ, another quadrillion molecules of Buddha - and every other being (including all the "bad" guys) who has lived on the earth. We literally are each other, human, animal, plant, mineral ... Mother Earth and Father Sky. We are ONE entity.

How can we continue to cause harm and death to ourselves?

As consciousness expands, we expand our way of Being. Separation dissolves and union manifests. We remember who we are.

There are eight levels of consciousness I will be presenting as well as working with. They are: egocentric, dual-centric, triune consciousness, transcendent consciousness, cosmic consciousness, unity consciousness, pure consciousness, and pre-consciousness. The world as a whole entity is entering transcendent consciousness at this time. The Hopi call it the "fifth world".

We are currently defining what the fifth world will "look" like. We are co-creating this new way of being. A few hundred thousand of us are awake; "are holding the possibilities". In the next few months (to a few years) there will be several million of us. To achieve this fifth world, we must move from separation into union.

These concepts are part of the purpose of this page.

More later.


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