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I seem to have found a few answers … for me. Answers about detachment, alignment, and personal responsibility; living as if there were no need for protection - for armoring. What if??? What if we all lived as if there were no armoring? What if we lived our destiny, our personal truth? What if we learned about the "deathless state", the "I" that does not die? What if we understood the subtle bodies beyond the physical realm? What if we learned about dissolving into "God"? What if we learned to live in the awake samadi of oneness?

What if we could begin to see how our world is going to be if we re-create this three dimensional, "form reality" as a place where spirit and matter exist in the union of full manifestation - of global enlightenment? What if we could move beyond the masculine / feminine dichotomy. What if we could find the balance, the union, the deeper consciousness?

No, I'm not there yet. I can't "feel and be" that all the time. It is more a case of having glimpses of possibilities, but those glimpses are more frequent have greater clarity. It is the glimpses that keep me here on this planet. If there were no possibilities I doubt that I could remain. It is too difficult and painful to stay here if there were no future of ………….. - something much better than now? Many of our teachers, masters, spiritual leaders are leaving. Some have completed their work. Others are too tired and suffering too much to remain. Some of us choose to work from less dense realms. Others of us choose to work with more promising realms. Those of us remaining must grow up, remember who we are and what we have come here to be.

This specific time of my questing began with the latest lupus flare in February, 1998. Pain was intense, life was difficult, more difficult than I was willing to endure. I turned to Beth Hin, my colleague, my mentor, my friend … in hopes of finding some answers. As I looked for answers from outside sources I knew that they were all there within me. Still, the pain was too great to care and to look. I retained all the skills I had learned in order to explore and discover the inner worlds, the subtle worlds, and the external worlds. But I had no strength/energy to use them. This temporal form was too captured by the pain.

The skill I held, and the skill that kept me alive, was my ability to "float". My only relief came from moving to spaces outside my physical form.

In my search, I wrote to Beth.

I last talked with you in Feb, 98 … after major physical problems began for me and you had cancelled a class. I was very ill for some time - I am just now in remission. 

My medical diagnosis was Lupus I have known this most of my life and I did my research on treatments and eliminated the possibility of steroids. My techniques seem to be most successful. 

I walked the path between life and death all spring, summer and until now - Sept. Many lessons have been given. Most important - when body, emotions, thoughts, mind - all the attributes of physical form - fail, spirit remains. I, "of course" have always know that. But, this experience, while not new was significantly bigger and more real. 

My Realizations:

  1. This is 5th world stuff, I feel the rebellion of the world, it's pain and rage.
  2. Navajo are more reluctant than most to come to union. Separateness is their goal, as well as a return to the "old ways" BWM (Before White Man). This energy is hitting and hurting my body. And - I love the Navajo people no less.
  3. I have never felt the world was a safe place to totally come out of the closet with the things I know … being a mystic … or as Jeff says, an intuitive. I did not know how much I had been hurt by the teasing of "weird", "black sheep, talk strange … and too much.
  4. Much of my pain has been my struggle against staying and doing.
  5. I have previously worked with the veils, my term is the gateways. My primary earth job has been opening the gate and holding it open for others - a gatekeeper. With the transformations that have occurred, I had thought my work was ended and I could go home where it is safe. NOT!
  6. Now I have to work with the union HERE on the planet and with people. I must forget the armor, put away the protection of going "out there" and I must bring out there "here". AND live it all here.
  7. I can't work in private anymore. I don't know what that means but my remission has been dependent on my willingness to go public (I hope not too public, I really enjoy my quiet life). But I am willing to do whatever I am asked. YES, is my answer to the divine and I don't have to hear the question before I answer.
  8. Part of the illness has been my extreme reluctance to remain in this world in this physical body. I have to live it all here and in this body and must have gratitude for this body - sick or well.
  9. Part of my ongoing work is to be with a t least 2 of my many grandchildren. They are fully awake and in supportive environments. AND there are things only I can teach them. there are others but that is enough for you to get the idea.

 Some questions:

  1. My first question deals with the "council" I work with - which I call the "Council of Eldehearts" (you have referred to something similar, perhaps federation or confederation). There are many beings, some with a human body, some who no longer have a human body, others form other places - worlds, dimensions, or realms. One recent work session, Grandfather David of the Hopi chatted with me. Grandfather David is no longer in physical body. He gave me much information, but one bit of information I don't understand. I am asking you if you know anything about it. There are eight realms or worlds that I primarily work with in addition to this one. One of there has had a great many problems, something like I would imagine it might be like here on earth if we had had a third world war with chemical warfare, and physical destruction of the planet. Grandfather David said that realm did no exist any longer. The feeling was that the surviving beings had been moved but I really don't understand.

So question # 1 is do you have any information? How can an entire world "no longer exist"?

 There are approximately eight worlds which we would perceive as similar to this world we know. Most of them are "more advanced" than we are here. The world that no longer exists, both does and does not exist. The beings of that realm have been dispersed to other ways of being. One would easily jump to the conclusion "they must have destroyed themselves". That isn't exactly what happened. It is more of a case of giving them a vacation away from the pains and destructions of that life and world. Most of the beings are not in body at this time. Others have gone to work in other realms. Some are here. The beings who are here are being allowed to "re-do" some of the choices they made on that world. The world itself is in an extended rest and healing mode - from the destructive forces so recently experienced.

This isn't exactly what has happened but it is something of a parable to relate to. The "reality" of that place and what happened there requires a broader perspective than human beings currently have. So this is a "close parallel" explanation in your conceptual understanding. 

In October of '94 you talked with me … a reading? You helped me remember who I am! But more importantly you helped me realize that I had to get to work. "Nagual, Medicine woman, world teacher, were terms you used. "I rarely see teachers even that carry as much power as I do … and you do … you were chosen to do this before you were born, it is based of previous lives and the tremendous knowledge that you carry … you walk in unshakable impeccability that not even the Dali Lama or someone of that stature could disorder … the Mother, you were born this way just as Mother Meera or I were born this way … transparent quality … those things have to do with the way you have been treated by men … your main work is to be a world teacher, a universal teacher … a world teacher, you will influence the way the whole world, the entire world experiences truth … used as one of the guardians of the earth, a specific type of person , coming into your own, have to get to work, really get to work, more than you have done in the past … your life suits you, rarely do I see someone with a life path so clearly defined around them."

I think I understand all this within the context of the life I have I have lived up to now. You confirmed my internal knowing, and gave me a language for who I am and why I am here on this planet.

Which of the descriptive terms for who you are do you not understand? You know and have known who you are since before your birth. You know your work and your power. Your strength of living impeccably is what others define as "doing the right thing". Knowing and doing the right thing is and has been your only choice. Your were chosen and you chose to do this, to work and live as an extension of the divine Mother. You were given the gift of experiencing your humanness in your early adult roles. Both knowing and yet not remembering fully who you are caused the dissatisfaction and discomfort, which led to your move toward your true name and true path. As a "mother" on the planet in a time of the role of women being viewed as less capable, you had difficulty accepting what you knew to be true. The earthly role of women being treated with less respect and acknowledgement, allowed the way you were treated by men to impact your understanding of your personal truth. This difficulty has been the "breaking open" that has been necessary for you to come fully into your awareness of holding the alignment that you carry. That awareness was necessary for you to also be aware of the work you do in and on other realms. You are still connecting your consciousness with the ultimate source of everything. Your path takes you both farther away and closer to the human form realm. Remember! You are merging the levels, the realms, the world, and the absolute into knowing the oneness. This is the role of the "world teacher", influencing the way the entire world knows … perceives … truth. You are one who holds the earth in your hands. Guard and guide it well.  

Question #2. Does this still relate to what I am doing now? Any suggestions?

There is no choice but to remain awake and aware of the myriad levels of direction and paths before you. Silence holds you in the sacredness, allowing you to do what is to next to be done, on the sequence of events as being determined by humanity. Time and direction of change will we apparent. Do what you do where you are doing it.

Question #3. Recently you talked about the casual body dissolving. Could you explain more about that, and what the implications are for me? … the dissolving of the other bodies.

The human form, the temporal body, is more than just the physical, three dimensional components, we have come to define as 'who we are' as human beings.

Our physical form is encased in the ethereal from. The physical form, is the material body that we present to the world. The ethereal form is visible to the external world as our attitude, persona, reflection of physical dis-ease or illness. It is where we experience the world of nature. Shaman and Medicine people work primarily from the ethereal realm. It is the area of connection to the" earth-spirit" realm, the realm we might recognize as the archetypal Mother, or Mother Earth, or Mother Nature.

Enclosing the ethereal form is the emotional body. The emotional body is the manifestation of our attitude, our characteristics, our personality. It is what we present that others define as who we are. It is here that we resonate as a "good" or "bad" human being. It is also a strong manifestation of our reflection as male or female in character.

Surrounding the emotional body is the psychic / astral body. This is the realm where we perceive and display the chakra centers. The psychic also is where we display our personal characteristics. It is here that others "read" and interpret our "energy" and make judgments about our earth path. Some of these discriminations may be relative accurate but many times they are misread and misinterpreted, especially by unaware individuals.

The psychic body is enclosed in the mental body. The mental realm is where we are self-realized, or not, of and with mind. Mind in this context is far different than what we associate with brain and brain function. Mind is concerned with judgment, viewpoint, genes and memories and their manifestation. The mental body is where we do most of our "work" of psychological growth. It is here that we do work with the inner child, shadow, persona, and our past experiences - all the areas where we "fixate" and remain. The mental body is the last body before the causal body.

The causal body is our most direct connection to the spirit realm. When the causal body dissolves we will be one with the sacred. We will fully realize our co-creative role. Those who choose to remain in the earth realm ""will be and are" instrumental in this creation of the "fifth world" / "rainbow bridge time-realm".

These are temporal strata (especially the emotional, psychic, and mental strata), are something like storage shelves, which contain all things you have been taught, such as duality, prejudices, roles, limits, and separation of all kinds. These temporal strata are where we get stuck, where we experience fear.

Remembering Who We Are, awakening, self-realization, expanded consciousness, are all processes of dissolving these levels, or strata. As these bodies dissolve, we are less restricted to the physical realm and we are more aware of the universal worlds and realms. It is here that we step into these other layers and levels of reality.

 Question #4. "World teacher", is this part of my new unarmored life? Does it deal with my public vs. private work?

Coming out of the closet is a term often used to mean that we are exposing our true self to the outside world. Sometimes this exposure requires additional armoring to protect the tender self from the judgments of the external world.

For you, the armoring is dissolved. There may be times you are tempted to put it on once more - or times that you do cover yourself with the remembrance of it. Each time you replace the armor, you will feel more of the encasement than the protection. The armor will keep you from your work. Your primary self-work at this time is to learn to be in the world without any need for protection. You are to be open, unafraid, and impeccable. You are to live your truth in your wholeness - without the layers of the subtle bodies of the temporal form. Wholeness comes when there are no separations remaining.

World teachers carry many presentations. Some are visible and seen be the masses as teachers, masters, or guides. Their work is difficult because of the way they are never out of the public eye. They remain under scrutiny at all times. Their sources of connection and "remembering who they are" are different from yours. You must not strive to follow the destiny of another. Other world teachers, those on the planet and those who remain in other realms, are permitted to remain more private in their manifestation of carrying the world truth. Their work is difficult because of the lack of worldly acceptance. They too remain "outside" and it is often of their own making. There is no comfort to be found from the "love and acceptance" of others. They carry the sensation of dissatisfaction.

Question # 5. Do you have other "helpful hints" for me? My wish is that I don't have to work in the midst of Lupus pain. I would like to work as correctly as possible.

Your role as a world teacher is one you know well and carry deeply. It is only when you attempt to define your vision through established definitions that you feel lost and unsure. Remember Who You Are every moment and all doubt will dissolve as does your worldly body when you "float". You have no subtle body pains (others do). Physical body pains are the way you know the physical realm. Embrace the pain as long as it serves you. Experience it and hold it dear as one of your teachers. Live beyond the pain. Pieces of your work involve knowing when and how to share your pain. Remember your declaration of not suffering the suffering. Learn when and how to allow the love of others to manifest through their assisting you. Learn when to request assistance. Even when others are reluctant, their participation establishes learning opportunities for both.

 Question # 6. Any information on "kind of being" I am "guardian", the way I have lived in past lives, who I was, and why I can't remember more? Would it be too much for me to know more about the power I carried in the past?

In your very beginning of human form, you knew the sensation of holding the earth in the palms of your hands. You have held it eternally, in lives of form, and in your union with "that which has no form". What you hold in your hands is your memory of what you came to do. It is your open line of communication with the absolute. It is your "birth vision", it is why you were born - why you took human form.

Holding, embracing all aspects of form, is your "alignment", your work, your path. It is the same as it has been throughout all time and space. The work you do in this stage of evolution is to bridge the realms. You guard the gateway, holding it open. You guard against premature entry and guard this realm from rapid an entry of the beyond. …

about who I was?

Remembering the "paths of the past" is no more important than remembering the number of your hairs or the work of creating and destroying of the cells of temporal form. There is only one now and one "memory", only one time and one space, only one form and non-form. There is only one work and one worker, only one goal.

The many pasts you recall represent the memories of the entire world realm. Memories of each period of development, evolution, and devolution, are knowledge to guide you through this realm. The facts of who remembers do not relate to your life work or the alignments you hold.

Beth, I walk beside you. I feel you ever present in my life. I carry you in my heart and my prayers. I would like to know more about your physical difficulties. It seems our pains are similar. I express my gratitude to the Divine - the original source - for the work you and so many others are doing for this planet.

 There is only one.


Deathless state - that essence - the you, you really are - that which does not die, which exists beyond what can be conceived from the limits of the state of form. State of Samadi - of oneness. Rather than living outside and looking into the oneness - rather than moving up and into the oneness - rather than looking at the world, you are the world. How do we live in this deathless state? We live life as if it matters. We live life as if God couldn't come and sent us instead. We Remember Who We Are and that there is only One of us.

Samadi - is the direst experience of the oneness. It is full union with the collective One. There are defined and recognized stages or levels of samadi, but I won't attempt to describe them here. Samadi is the "outcome" of deep meditation. It is the experience of stepping beyond the expectation of outcome into complete non-attachment. samadi for me is the dissolution of awareness of the physical into the fullness of the void, the potential of all creation.

I occasionally describe my experience of samadi as the sensation of a sugar cube being dissolved in a cup of water and feeling itself to be a part of the great oneness of water. Then, the cup of water is poured into a lake and the feeling is once again that of being a part of the great oneness of water. Then, the lake is emptied into the ocean. The sensation of oneness with water is once again there but there is the knowing that the ocean is only a small cup of some greater "water" to be experienced. AND! The sweetness of the sugar remains.

 Detachment - One way of being detached is to close off, to step back and watch, as if we are not connected. A more complete and productive way of detachment is to be in the unified state of witness with the divine at all times. Detachment includes the knowing of how to love the way "God" loves. Rather than suffer life as if it has anything to do with the individual and separate "me" - detachment is to be the witness who sees that there is only one and there is nothing to be separate from. Detachment is to step beyond the separate-ness to the awareness of nothing to detach from. "I", "Carol", "my life" has nothing to do with me. There is no separate "me" to have to do with. Then there is the concept of simultanaity. Simultaneously, "I" am here in this body calling "you" to wake up, to remember who you really are. Then "I", "We", can "Be" who we are. Then we can remember that there is nothing to Be.

 Be in the moment - there are big moments - and little moments. In the moment can be an expanded awareness of the present moment and all the moment is defined by - the environment, the space, the time, the situation, the attitude, the entire scene.

The more intimate moment - the "little" moment is a movement beyond the definitions. It is into the timeless, the spaceless, the momentless-ness - into the fullness of the whole, the nothing, the void …creation.

Personal responsibility - If we do not do what we agreed to do, if we do not fulfill the commitment we made to co-create this new reality, the reality of the rainbow bridge, If we are not responsible, then it does not happen. The future is up to each of us being the whole of us. When one fails to be personally responsible, the necessary effort falls to others. Some of us are carrying the "work" of many who decided to not carry their share. It is not that some can do the work of everyone, it is that we must all move into the future together. If we do not go together, we do not go at all. If only some are carrying out their responsibilities, then the creation will be less than it could have been.  

Fifth World - Many Native American cultures view the evolutionary stages of this world through the image of separate worlds. The reference to the fifth world is from the teachings of the Hopi. The Hopi have kept their part of the "knowing" less influenced by outside forces than any other North American culture. Many of the books about and by the Hopi are excellent. "The Hopi Survival Kit" is one of the newest and discloses more of the long hidden secrets than I have seen in any form available to the general student/public.

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