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"Remember Who You Are ... there is perfect wisdom in source"

This one-pointed, linear thrust is no longer sufficient.
It is not enough to experience a tiny point of cosmic consciousness then return to ordinary reality. 
  Carol's Declaration  

I have experienced the cosmic and it is the goal, life is the path. Dec 2008

"Carol lives in Arizona on the Navajo Reservation and works as an instructor at a Tribal College." 
Those were the opening descriptive words about Carol for 14 years beginning in 1991. Health issues then led to disability status. It was unbelievably difficult. It took years to adjust - to the disability and to leaving the reservation and the people there. 
Carol works with transformation of global consciousness;  and evolutionary enlightenment.

An open letter on Enlightenment -03/15/02

Web Site Purpose To my K'ee- my family, my relations. 10/25/01 

About: Carol WhiteWater Dawn Everything you could want to know (and more). Dec 2008 My Awakening


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 Carol's Thoughts
This section contains insights - this world and other realms.  Prophecy, 5th World, Views of God, Biological Change, How to Live Awakened      10/25/01

Remember Who You Are
This is my path, my teaching, and my life" - The Pearl" From the Hymn of Judas Thomas the Apostle 

What is a Mystic
 "The only difference between the mystic and the schizophrenic is that the mystic knows who not to tell." Carl G Jung  01/22/01

My Beloved - 07/1/01

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What is a Dreamwalker
Shaman, Skinwalkers, Shapeshifers, ...More 

Yoga and Subtle Body Levels 
Diagrams, descriptions, and discussion of various yogas and subtle body forms.  02/03/01

Personal experiences of Native American, and Buddhist initiations.  "Dancing the duality within." 08/05/99 

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Native American Teachings
Medicine Wheel teachings

Conscious Evolution
I have begun to add sections to this page. It will be an ongoing process but it is ready for examination. (03/22/02)

"Mandala Information"
lachakra and Yantra  Mandala"
"Buddha's Story"
"Basic Buddhist Tenets"

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Blue Pearl, Blue Star, Blue Being
Is this where and how our future will be created?  2/18/01
Play of Consciousness
Hopi Blue Star
Siddha Blue Pearl Being
Navajo Blue Star

  Symbol, Ritual, Consciousness 
Part One
This is the first part of a book length document.  
The Pearl,
  Limits, Spirit Walk, Living Awake Symbol, Ritual, Consciousness 
Part Two
This is the second part and ending. 
Conscious Exteriorization,
Gateways of Dreaming, Planes of Consciousness
Spirit and Matter Merge

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Questions and Answers
Samadi, deathless state, detachment, subtle bodies, energies, what does it all mean?

Pagan Page
This page is under construction and is open for suggestions. 

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Dreamwalking,  (A Book)
What is dreamwalking about? "Council of Elderhearts", "After Dreamwalking" "Dreams" 
"Comments on Tantra", "Bodhisattva Vows",  "Dying in the  Canyon" 
Dreamwalking One, "Crystal Skull"
"Rigden Vision", "Beth Hin: Mystic Teacher"
Dreamwalking Two
"Past Life Review"
"Christ, Buddha ,All  Spiritual", "Simultaneity"
Dreamwalking Three "Sri Aurobindo's World View", "Aurobindo/Integral Yoga" 
"Six Hours in the Bardo: Between Life and Death" "Spiritual Emergence"

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